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Get Custom Made Suits in New York by Best Bespoke Custom Tailors in New York

Of all the fashion garments for men, a suit is that one specific garment that makes his personality come out in the full glory of fashion and styles making him look suave and dapper. We at Fine Threads Bespoke Tailors: the best Bespoke Tailors in New York are renowned for offering finest quality bespoke suits tailored in styles like single breasted and double breasted considering your intrinsic factors like taste, exact measurements, lifestyle, and body language making us Famous Tailors in New York.

Being the Top Tailors in NYC, we also consider extrinsic factors like weather status, type of occasion, durability of the fabric, higher mobility and long working hours whilst crafting your suit providing effortless style and comfort making us the preferred brand for offering Best Bespoke Suits in NYC. As we duly take care of all your vital details and statistics, suits from our house provide fits that are flawless in nature embracing you like your second skin making you swing in the luxury of utmost comfort and style earning us the tag of presenting ace Custom Made Suits in New York.

Being the acclaimed Custom Tailors in New York City, our collection of corporate suits are tailored using rich quality fabrics in the classic color shades of black, grey, brown and blue making them an apt fashion pick for business meetings, corporate events and office presentations making us prominent Tailor in Times Square NYC. Our assortment of party wear suits are crafted in diverse color shades like beige, black, white, grey, khaki and various hues of blue and other blends making you the cynosure of events like weddings, receptions, engagements, red carpet events, high end social gatherings and other such family functions making us most sought after Tailors in New York offering best quality Custom Tailored Suits in NYC.

Staying true to our label of the Best Suit Tailor in NYC, we embellish your suits with handpicked range of accessories like ties, cufflinks, pocket squares, scarves, lapel pins, cravats and more breaking away the monotony of monochromes with the pop of color and bling adding the required edge to the entire outfit. We are also quite infamous for offering Affordable Custom Tailored Suits in NYC as it has been the objective of our brand to offer affordable fashion luxury to all our customers without any compromise on the realms of quality and class. All our bespoke garments don’t pinch your pockets too hard making you look stylish to the core and giving us the tag of coveted Bespoke Tailor in NYC.

Place an online order on our official website to get your bespoke suit or drop in to our store located at One Penn Plaza and meet your favourite New York Tailors and soak in the ultimate luxury of fashion and style.

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