We realize that wearing a shirt that fits you the way you like is a great start to your day. At lk, the shirt making process starts with advised about the fabrics, patterns and options that will best suit your needs.

To create your bespoke shirts, you will be presented with the most extensive and exclusive collection of shirt fabrics, almost 10,000 in-stock choices. Next, you will be assisted in choosing among dozens of collar and cuff styles and different finishing options that will make your shirts truly one-of-a-kind.

Up to 20 precise measurements will be taken in order to create your bespoke shirt. At this point, since your paper pattern is already stored in your personal file, re-ordering shirts will simply require to pick fabrics and detailing options. You can expect a consistent and flawless fit every time.

Waist Coats

While the coat and pant you wear is a reflection of your external personality, your waistcoat is closest to your body and instrumental in providing you the real meaning and feel of comfort to the part that is closest to your heart. A perfect finish of the waistcoat that fits your contours in the most comfortable manner is what we strive for. A combination of beauty for all to see and comfort for your own very personal feel is what we look for in a waist coat.


Creating a bespoke suit is an art that involves the active participation of the customer. We make clothes not just for the body, but for the man and his lifestyle. We take into account where the clothing will be worn and for what purpose, creating clothing that fits the lifestyle of the customer as well as it fits his physique. your bespoke suits are all painstakingly hand-crafted to mould to your body, in the fit that you are most comfortable with.

The process starts with choosing right fabric, cut, style and options. A suit is created from a blank piece of paper and designed according to the specific measurements and physique.

Your bespoke suits will also be characterized by the quality of the finishing and the construction.



Our jackets are fully hand-crafted in the all-traditional way. The jacket includes a hand-sewn (as opposed to being glued on) natural wool full-chest canvas, which will considerably enhance the garment's durability. It also gives the garment enough body to hang properly. Jackets come with surgeon cuffs, including hand-sewn working buttonholes.


Our trousers come with many details that will emphasize craftsmanship, comfort and durability. The finishing of the pockets, the zipper and the hemming are all done by hand. The belt is re-enforced with extra material to prevent it from rolling over. All trousers are half-lined with bemberg lining to minimize wearing caused by friction between the legs.

Top Coat

Custom made shirts in Hong Kong are fast rising in demand, and you can adorn the latest styles but minus the hefty price tags. Hundreds of hours go behind creating that perfect piece of garment you have been looking for. Custom made suits in Hong Kong will add to your style and confidence. Only the stylish and astute man knows that an investment in tailored suit and shirt can help him make way through the world.