Bespoke Suits | Single Breasted Suits

A well fitted suit is a perfect for a man making him look drool worthy and ready to rock any occasion or party. Bespoke tailoring has its own merits by selecting a fabric that provides suits for one’s body type, language, weather and lifestyle. The customer gets full freedom to select the various styles available for single breasted suit, the colors from the array of shades, picking up the accessories, buttons, lapel style, button holes and various other detailing giving a complete justice to the bespoke suit.

Of the all the types and varieties available of suits, the most famous and loved by one and all is a single breasted suit making a man look suave and slender. A single breasted suit usually has one column of button with narrow overlap of fabrics having three to four buttons that are of metals or fiber. The lapel styles of notched or peaked ones can be incorporated in the making that can be further adorned with use of materials like silk or satin to add some sheen to the overall look of the suit.

The one button suit is evergreen and has always been in trend being worn by famous celebrities and actors. It makes you look quite dapper and slim. One’s with perfect body type and shape opt for this style as the suit hugs them from all the right angles.

The two button suit is for all body types giving extra ease and convenience when worn. It’s a perfect garment for corporate meets, business presentations, dinner dates and casual gatherings.

The three button and four button suit is not a choice of many as it mainly suits men who are taller. It is complimented with a matching waist coat for prim and proper fit.

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