Bespoke Suits | Double Breasted Suits

Fashion is like a seasonal cycle that comes and goes in intervals blended with new styles. Some styles and garments are evergreen in nature and are always in rage amongst the customers like a single breasted suit. Whilst other garments may be famous during a certain era with very few people follow the trend and it eventually getting withdrawn from the market. But with the revolution of fashion industry and the confided fulcrum for men’s clothing options, old traditional styles make a huge comeback wrapped with latest styles just like a double breasted suit. The designers and stylists tailor made this garment in various patterns and prints like big checks, small checks, stripes and solid shades using various fabrics giving a semi- formal or modern twist to the entire attire.

A double breasted suit has wide overlapping front flaps with two parallel columns for buttons or snaps from which one column is decorative and the other is functional. It usually has 6 buttons in total, at times 4 with other buttons placed at the outside of the breast right lapel overlapping the left lapel swiftly. The buttons are placed in such way making the jacket more sturdy and easy to use.

They were very popular in 1930’s up to 1950’s and again in 1980’s to 1990’s then got disappeared with the single breasted suits and other fashionable garments creating a stir in the market with their sleek and slender styles. Double breasted suits again surfacing in the market with many customers opting for it is backed by them getting leaner crafting but it still makes one look masculine. With many fabrics available and for path breaking styles, many customers are prioritizing this garment that can now been worn over cotton pants and denims for contemporary and futuristic touch.

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